Free Dentistry Day at Bradfordville Dental Care


TALLAHASSEE, FL. — An estimated 76.5 million Americans do not have dental insurance. When someone can’t afford regular cleanings, they put off preventative care and end up with a more expensive problem.

For those who don’t have insurance or can’t afford dental care, there’s a free option for you this weekend.

Bradfordville Dental Care is doing free extractions this Saturday, September 10. Their doors open at 8am and the plan is to provide this free service to 50 people. As a child, Dr. Hiran Master says his family made volunteerism and solidarity a priority. He did a similar program like this in Jacksonville and decided it would be a good idea to bring it to Tallahassee.

“On Monday mornings, in particular, there are ER people coming in from the weekend,” Dr Master said. “The ER can’t do much other than give them antibiotics and painkillers. We just want to provide them with a service they need and really can’t afford right now.

The goal is for Bradfordville Dental Care to make this an annual event. They tell ABC27 next year that their goal is to offer this free service to 100 people.

Bradfordville Dental Care’s office is located at 3715 Old Bradfordville Rd, Tallahassee, FL.


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