All Bright Dental adopts a new name – 4M Dental Implant Center

The 4M Dental Implant Center team (formerly All Bright Dental)

Dr. Sean Mohtashami, owner of All Bright Dental, has served the Las Vegas market for over 20 years. However, changing the name of the practice doesn’t come as much of a shock to his patients or anyone who knows him.

You see, Dr. Sean, as his patients call him, created the 4M dental implant procedure many years ago and has taught this procedure to other dentists around the world. Over the past five years, he has purchased several dental practices in Southern California and founded the 4M Institute, where he and other highly qualified dentists teach the art and science of dental implant techniques and procedures. 4M.

“All Bright Dental is still my first love,” says Dr. Sean. “I started All Bright Dental in 1997 and I have wonderful patients who still come to us today for all their dental needs. We are not going to change anything about our team or the way we practice at All Bright Dental. We are changing our name because our 4M dental procedures have become our brand. We have named each of our practices with the 4M Dental brand and it makes sense that our practice in Las Vegas, where the brand was born, bears his name. only difference is the name on the building and the logo.We will continue with the same great team, providing great service to our fantastic customers as 4M Dental Implant Center.

“The team at 4M Dental Implant Center (formerly All Bright Dental), would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our Las Vegas area customers for trusting us to meet your healthcare needs for over 20 years. We will proudly work hard to serve you for the next 20. I wish us all… a happy new year!

Respectfully yours,

Sean Mohtashami, DDS and team

4M Dental Implant Center

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