Art of Dentistry launches full cosmetic dentistry service with free consultation


In a major new milestone, Art of Dentistry has announced the launch of full service in Toronto. This new service is the result of nearly a decade of caring for thousands of patients in the city and surrounding areas. Art of Dentistry’s highly trained dental team cares for all patients, offering a full range of services, from simple preventative treatment to the most complex restorative and cosmetic procedures. A key step towards an improved smile starts with a free consultation, which includes treatment plans offered for any dental need.

The free consultation is the result of a clinical study in which it was discovered that many patients are interested in cosmetic dentistry but do not know if it is the right decision to make. Fortunately, these people do not need to commit financially to know their options. “We were surprised to learn that many of our patients wanted to improve their smile, but were afraid to take the next step,” commented a spokesperson for the clinic.

“Now anyone can come to our clinic and tell us about their dental goals. We will offer advice on the best ways to resolve any dental issues, and they can take the time to think about it,” the rep added. Art of Dentistry specializes in a number of services including:

Patients who undergo these procedures receive not only aesthetic, but also functional prostheses. They are guaranteed to improve smiles and will be ready to show off. In addition, the clinic offers affordable rates to cater to all patients. “We want to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to make the changes to their smile that they have always dreamed of. Our cosmetic dentistry practice in Toronto is here to help them,” the spokesperson concluded.

Staff members are helpful and friendly, and eager to help every individual. Among them are:

  • dental assistants
  • Dental hygienists
  • Hygiene Coordinator
  • treatment coordinator
  • Cosmetic dentists

Each member of the team has undergone extensive training, including the use of state-of-the-art technologies, and has years of experience in the field of dentistry. As a result, patients can rest assured that they are being treated by experts who are familiar with the latest procedures and techniques. All treatments take place in a spa-like environment which provides a relaxing experience during the treatment. According to the clinic’s spokesperson, “you can’t expect anything less than an amazing experience.

About the art of dentistry

Art of Dentistry is a full-service dental practice in Toronto that offers everything from general dentistry to prosthodontics. The high-end services offered are aimed at patients looking for affordable dentistry that is not only effective but also attractive. Additionally, patients can take advantage of the free consultation, which helps them learn more about the dental treatment options available. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday at different times to better accommodate patients. Virtual consultations are available online for those unable to come to the treatment center during regular business hours.

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Call: (416) 927-7677
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