YNW Melly requests medical leave for dental treatment of diamond teeth


YNW Melly has requested medical leave due to a lower jaw abscess.

Court documents obtained by Complex reveal how the rapper contracted the infection. According to her attorney Raven Liberty, Melly’s diamond dental crowns are the culprit. Apparently, crowns “require constant maintenance and at the bare minimum regular flossing and brushing.”

However, Melly is not allowed to have dental floss, a standard toothbrush, or regular dental visits. While he was at the prison facility, medical professionals did not have the proper tools to clean up or treat Melly’s infection. “As a result, he has an abscess in his lower jaw which is creating extreme pain and chronic infection.”

Her lawyer is asking that Melly be allowed to get dental treatment so the infection doesn’t get worse. He apparently has private insurance and the funds to pay for all expenses surrounding the leave, such as transportation and dental appointments. Melly’s legal team has already contacted a dentist willing to help her. It is now up to the court to decide whether it will accept the request.

The 23-year-old has been incarcerated since February 2019 for double homicide pending trial. In early July, a judge rejected the death penalty as a possible sentence for Melly. “I am literally crying real tears,” her mother Jamie Demons-King wrote on Instagram. “You’re coming home son.”

Learn more about Melly’s story on the Ace Hood Podcast Infamous: The YNW Melly Story.


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